Machine tools retrofitting

What is retrofitting?

A modernization involving the machinery both from the technological and aesthetic point of view.
The goal? Increase performance and renew the machine, even in the look.
Retrofitting is a complex regeneration process, which allows machines to improve efficiency and performances, by adding new automatisms and modern electronic control systems.

  • savings on usage and financial costs
  • updated usage functionality
  • quick company relocation
  • tailor-made intervention
  • integration within the new production processes

How we operate

Av Group offers this service since 1996, with over 150 experienced interventions including the first case history in Italy. We ensure warranty and CE marking on interventions, with delivery of complete and updated manuals.
A team of highly qualified technicians, thanks to state-of-the-art equipment, is able to carry out:

  • Mechanical reconstructions

  • Repair or replacement of slides, axles or spindles

  • Renovation of electrical and hydraulic systems

Only after these steps is it possible to proceed first with the replacement of the aesthetic components, then with the fairing, the frame and finally with the painting.

Other supplements

If necessary we can integrate:
  • water filtration systems
  • smoke and oily mists
  • high pressure equipment from the tool centre
  • M&H control systems


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